2000 Voices Songbook

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“What should Wren’s Millennium celebration be?” and from then on Voices 2000 was starting to be a reality.

We could have chosen from a variety of musical projects, but Paul Wilson, the co-founder, and Music Director expressed a desire for a song-based project involving a large choir.

The project had to be a celebration of the county of Devon, its people, places, and culture, and with Wren’s base in traditional folk music, the greater part of the project had to reflect this, and so we asked groups to prepare traditional, world or gospel influenced material. This could include classical arrangements of folk songs or pieces from the Community Singing movement of the 1920s and 30s.

As the project progressed we felt that these songs should be published in this songbook so that choirs can take them away and the legacy of the project will carry on into the third millennium!

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Original price was: £8.00.Current price is: £5.00.

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