Work with Schools

Wren Music has experience of working at all levels within the education system. From pre-school through to university and teacher education, and includes SEN/D education.

The essence and themes of folk music allow our work in schools to link to any number of subject areas including music, language, history, geography, the environment, maths, literature, and sciences.

A school visit comprises a performance with a themed concert, to as many children as required whether a whole school, year group or class. The performance demonstrates a variety of folk instruments with opportunities to contribute ideas and join in.

We also offer workshop packages to supplement the performances. Workshops can be a single session or delivered over a number of weeks to include lots of creative work and staff CPD sessions to link to the project.

Workshops and performances are presented at the appropriate level based on students’ age and any additional needs. Workshops can be delivered to mixed groups or repeated and adapted for different groups.

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