We All Belong Songbook with CD

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The eighteen songs in this book have been specially written for primary school children
for singing together in a spirit of sharing, thoughtfulness, and celebration.

These songs have been sung by thousands of children through the years, and we are
responding to requests from teachers to produce them all together in this book.

They relate to specific themes; for example, looking after the environment or celebrating
cultural diversity. This makes them ideal for a school assembly or singing at special events,
as well as being an important part of the music curriculum.

The core target is KS2 but the songs have been written so that KS1 can join to a
greater or lesser extent. Ideas for using the parts of the songs are illustrated on the
pages or on the accompanying CD.

We at Wren believe passionately in the power of the human voice, and all these songs can
work with or without accompaniment – simple chord accompaniments are suggested.

For those who do not read music, we have included a CD as an aural guide to melodies,
and also with suggestions for the style of performance. The pitch of each song on the CD is
the same as the written scores.

We would like to thank Exeter City Council, Devon County Council, and Arts Council
England South West for their investment and support. Thanks too to all the school
teachers and children who have helped us through suggestions for what is important
to sing about and for their feedback.

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Original price was: £15.00.Current price is: £10.00.