The Hairy Hand Songbook

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This education pack offers 11 songs for group singing, selected and arranged for young people around the ages of 10 -13 years.

There’s a host of useful ideas, a wealth of background information, and a full commentary including “The Six Secrets of Successful Singing as outlined by Wren’s co-founder and Music Director Paul Wilson.

As part of Youth Music’s Singing Challenge 2, this pack deliberately concentrates on this cross-phase age group, years 6, 7 & 8, encouraging out-of-school singing which helps smooth the path and strengthen the links between the primary and secondary experience.

This is also a good time to work with young voices, as they start to mature, and special attention has been given to working with breaking voices.

Wren has long used song throughout its work with young people, using a mix of traditional, world, and newly written songs as a way of people finding their voice – to say something, to learn something and to have fun!

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Original price was: £8.00.Current price is: £5.00.

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