Folk Orchestra of East Devon

The Folk Orchestra of East Devon is our longest-running folk orchestra, established in 1999 for the East Devon and Exeter area. We come together every Monday during term time.

The orchestra has performed across towns in East Devon as well as featuring at local festivals including Sidmouth Folk Festival and Exmouth Arts Festival. You’ll have regular opportunities to perform pieces at public events. You’ll also develop your skills in performing dance tunes and perform at events such as ceilidhs.

Sessions start with a gentle warm to prepare yourself and your instrument. Tunes are arranged in parts to cover tune, harmony, bass and chords. There is also an access line which is a simplified version of the tune for those starting out with their instrument. We revisit and develop arrangements week on week. Working together with the music leader, members contribute to how tunes are arranged for performances.

We encourage you to develop your folk style and learn by ear. Musical scores are available for all parts. During the session, there is a short break to chat with others and have a cup of tea.

Join the Folk Orchestra of East Devon

Location: The Victory Hall, The Green, Broadclyst, EX5 3DX

Time: Mondays, 7.00-9.00pm. See the current term dates.

Music Leader: Jenny Read

When you join your group you’ll get online access to musical scores and audio guides related to each in-person session.

Term fees are payable in advance online. Subsidised rates are available for full-time students and people in receipt of Universal Credit.

If it is difficult for you to pay by these methods please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can discuss alternative arrangements to help you be part of the group no matter what your circumstances. We also support people who are not online or may not have an email address, and will offer an alternative way to join the group and access materials.

If the half term is already well underway, contact us for a reduced price on the full half term fee. You’ll receive the online materials for any previous weeks of the half term.

The easiest way to join now is through the Wren Community page.

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