Try out our music groups!

4 November 2021

Thinking of joining Wren Music? 

We know it can feel pretty daunting to try new things.  

Especially after the two years we’ve had! So much time isolated at home means that walking into a room full of strangers can feel like a very big thing indeed.  

In this short blog we describe what you can expect if you come along to make music with us. 

Relaxed Atmosphere 

Our groups exist for two main reasons: to learn great folk music together, and to get to know each other. You can’t do either of those things if the atmosphere is tense and stressful! That’s why the feeling we create at our groups is relaxed and welcoming. 

When you arrive, you’ll have time to choose a chair and get comfortable before the rehearsal starts. If it’s your first time then it’s likely that existing members and the leader will come and say hi and want to learn your name. 

There are never auditions to join our groups. For choirs, you don’t need any prior experience. For orchestras, you need to know how to hold your instrument and how to get it in tune and ready to play.  

Whether you are a singer or a player, you will never be forced to sing or play on your own in front of others. If you sing or play a wrong note you won’t be singled out and you will never, ever be told off. We are all here for a learning journey together. 

Professional Leaders 

All of our groups are run by professional musicians. Whether it’s a workshop in a school, show in a care home, or our evening choirs and orchestras; we use the same team for everything we do. We do this because we know they are among the best music leaders in the country. 

Your Wren musician will plan and structure every rehearsal so that the activities flow into one another, and you will probably find that the time flies!  

They will give you clear and straightforward instructions on what to do, and you can ask questions at any time. They will help you feel confident in what you are doing, and they will be able to provide the group with just the right amount of musical challenge. 

Free ‘Try It Out’ Rehearsal 

We know that making music in our groups isn’t for everyone. That’s why your first rehearsal is free. We call it a ‘try it out’ rehearsal. You can try us out, and decide if you want to come back. 

If reading this has inspired you to have a go, check out the groups we run 

All you need to do is send us an email so we know to expect you.  

See you there!