Okehampton Lanterns

The Okehampton Lanterns Procession is an annual project mixing folklore with imagery and music.  It celebrates the coming of spring and goodbye to the dark evenings.

Launched in 2011, this project is now a firm family favourite in the town with opportunities for all ages to come together. People can join the open community workshops to make simple lanterns, or work alongside the professional makers and make more developed lanterns. Plus of course, there are opportunities for music! Drummers, singers and a stage band take part.

Large elaborate lanterns are built using images drawn from folk songs and nature to tell stories of local history and folklore. They process through the town to music alongside the community built pyramid lanterns.

The pandemic of 2020 caused us to pause the project on the eve of the procession. We are currently planning when it will be safe to re-stage this. If you made a lantern in 2020, it’s been kept safe. We’ll invite anyone to make more lanterns when we come back bigger and better in 2022!