Music Workshops

The workshop is central to the idea of community music, and so is central to all our work. We can create bespoke workshops for your needs for vocals, instruments, dance or a combination of these. Our workshop mantra is quick success and lots of positive reinforcement!

Bespoke workshops are open to any group of people including private groups, corporate bookings and community events.

Wren is a musician-led organisation, and we employ professional musicians and administrators to guide our programme and its development. As a result, we have very talented individuals that can deliver a range of workshops that are either specific to a musical instrument, or creating an ensemble (vocal or instrumental) or for a social or community context.

We deliver workshops as a single session, a full day or a series forming a short course.

We run workshops for all ages and abilities and have a store of resources to support all workshops, including sets of instruments.

Workshops can be folk music-specific for established players (of any genre who might like to learn about folk) or run as team/group building activity for adults and children. Or they can be for anything in between, such as planning a group/organisation/school/community celebration.

What to expect at a Wren workshop

All Wren workshops start with getting to know the workshop leader and what we’re going to do together. We introduce ourselves, the resources we’ll be using and set out the desired outcome of the session. For example, that by the end we will be playing/singing/dancing/writing as a group.

This is followed by a play session; exploring instruments, finding out about your own voice, some exercises to loosen the body, or talking about what we want to write about.

Then we’ll settle down to a learning session, working on different parts of the piece and fitting them together so we can make wonderful music together! At every stage we keep it inclusive, positive and fun!

Types of workshop

We can of course tailor themes and actual content to your needs.  All workshop types are suitable for all abilities, mixed abilities or more advanced and are tailored to the group’s experience.

Instrumental workshops: For a group of established instrumentalists (with their own instruments) or any group of people who want to learn to play folk tunes. We can bring along a mixed ensemble of instruments if needed.

Vocal Workshops: Workshops exploring the vocal possibilities of the human voice and having fun with songs, or more dedicated sessions to singing together as a choir.

Dance workshops: Social dance workshops, where people can swap between playing and dancing, and other forms of display folk dance such as Morris dancing.

Song-writing: Our song writing workshop is aimed at people working together wanting to create a special song for their group or organisation, school or community/neighbourhood. Working alongside our professionals together we’ll create a special set of words and tune.

Please contact us to discuss your personal needs and cost.