Okehampton Lanterns Procession 2022

26 March 2022
The Okehampton Lanterns Procession is an annual project mixing folklore with imagery and music. It celebrates the coming of spring and goodbye to the dark evenings.

Huge spectacular lanterns were paraded to light up the darkness in Simmons Park. These works of art, are accompanied by music and a parade of community pyramid lanterns lit from the inside and creating a magical glow.

Launched in 2011, this project is now a firm family favourite in the town with opportunities for all ages to come together.

The pandemic of 2020 caused us to pause the project on the eve of the procession so we are so excited to be able to return now!

Thank you to everyone for making a truly magical evening at The Wren Music Okehampton Lanterns Procession 2022.
It is wonderful to see the community together once again!
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A special thanks to Erasmus+, Okehampton United Charites, Okehampton Town Council and The Rotary Club.