Okehampton Lanterns Procession

30 March 2022

The Okehampton Lanterns Procession mixes folklore with imagery and music, to celebrate the coming of spring and say farewell to the dark evenings.

Huge spectacular lanterns were paraded to light up the darkness in Simmons Park. These images are accompanied by music and a parade of community pyramid lanterns, lit from the inside and creating a magical glow.

For the project in 2022 we were delighted to work with residents at Kent House (residential care home for older adults) to capture their memories of Spring and transform these into songs and lanterns for the community to enjoy. The dancers from Okehampton Community Dance Project wowed the crowds with their fusion of contemporary dance with folk dance.

Thank you to everyone for making Okehampton Lanterns 2022 truly magical.

A special thanks to Erasmus+ (European Union), Okehampton United Charites, Okehampton Town Council and The Rotary Club of Okehampton.