Hear the Rainbow – A Song for Pride

18 June 2021

June is Pride Month, celebrated each year honour the 1969 Stonewall Riots in Manhattan and celebrate LGBTQ+ communities all around the world.

We recently rediscovered the lyrics to the song ‘Hear The Rainbow’. An original song written in 2014 when the Wren team were working on a project with secondary school students in Plymouth. It celebrates being true to your own identity.

We have included the lyrics below, and invite you to create your own tune or arrangement to put these wonderful words to.

You could keep it simple and sing the words making up the tune as you go along. You can include one or more instruments. Go it alone and get a group of you together. You can even move the phrases around. We’ve removed any reference of what is verse, chorus, harmony or any repeats so we invite you to have fun playing with it.

We’d love to hear what you come up with so do send your musical creations to [email protected] and with your permission we’d love to share them! Alternatively, tag us on Facebook or Instagram!

If you choose to write something and perform it anywhere please acknowledge Wren Music and Plymouth Secondary Students for their original lyrics.

We hope you enjoy anything you are doing to celebrate and acknowledge Pride Month this year.

Hear The Rainbow
Written for Sing Plymouth 2014 by Wren Music team, Marilyn Tucker, Sarah Owen, Paul Wilson and Jon Dyer. Working with Plymouth Secondary Students


A clear blue sky a brand new choice

Open your heart and free your voice

So don’t be scared be who you are

Don’t hide cos you’re a shining star


Hear the rainbow let your colours through

Hear the rainbow let yourself be you


Hear the rainbow let your colours free

Hear the rainbow and let me be me


No need to run no need to hide

For human rights are on our side

So hear the stories hear the songs

They’ve waited to be told so long


Let our colours sing the rainbow song

Let our colours show that we belong