Sarah Owen

Community Musician

From an early age, Sarah became hooked on that unbeatable feeling of singing in a choir. At school, she joined as many choirs as she could, cementing singing as her obsession! A BMus at the University of Birmingham helped to hone Sarah’s love of music, including performing and composition. She continued to Goldsmiths College to complete an MMus.

After returning to her native East Devon, Sarah discovered a passion for Community Music when she began volunteering with Wren Music. She is delighted to have worked with Wren since 2007.

Sarah is fascinated with how our voices work. Her interest and training in the Estill Model lead Sarah to firmly believe everyone has a beautiful voice that we can all learn how to use.

As well as spending precious times with family and catching up with dear friends, Sarah likes to explore various creative, experimental and collaborative music-making projects, including with her duo, Solarference.