Under 5s Music Making

A social and sensory experience for you and your little one. Small children, parents and carers can join Wren Music to sing & share songs, play in a band and dance around. Explore songs and music from around the world together at our Instrument Picnics.
Update, July 21 2021: Please note these sessions are currently paused and will resume in the second week of September 2021. This is due to unexpected Covid-19 impacts such as staff isolation. Get in touch now to join us in the autumn.


Your little one will play with different types of instruments and things that make sound whilst you enjoy learning songs from different countries. Little ones will explore the sounds of real instruments such as drums, violins and even accordions in a safe and fun way. There’s no need for you to be musical to come along. Making sounds together is a great way to bond with your little one as you have some dedicated time together.

Our Instrument Picnics also provide a sense of community, with the opportunity to connect with other local parents and carers. Our approach is friendly and accessible to people from all backgrounds.

Sessions run once a week in Okehampton and Honiton and are free to attend.

This project is supported by Youth Music and The Ragdoll Foundation.

Okehampton Sessions

Location: TBC, Okehampton town centre
Time: Monday 10.00-11.00am
Sessions resume Monday 13 September 2021

Music Leaders: Jenny Read and Paul Wilson

Honiton Sessions

Location: The Beehive, Dowell St, Honiton EX14 1LZ
Time: Tuesday 10.00-11.00am
Sessions start Tuesday 14 September 2021


Music Leaders: Hannah Cumming and Sarah Owen

To book your place, contact us with:
  • Your name
  • Your contact details
  • How many children will attend and what are their ages and names.
  • How many adults will attend
  • Would you like to join us in Honiton or Okehampton.

We will reply to your message confirming availability at the sessions.

COVID-19 Restrictions, to keep everyone safe

Please contact us to let us know you’d like to attend so we can confirm there is space. At this time we would encourage only allow one adult per child. Adults are welcome to bring more than one child.

We will keep the space safe for you by:

  • asking you to physically distance from other adults
  • requesting adults wear a face covering when not sat down
  • providing you and your little one with a dedicated space to allow you to physically distance yourself from others
  • providing you and your little one with your own set of your ‘things that make sound’ to use during the session. These will be sanitised thoroughly before you arrive, and again after you leave.
Instrument Picnic FAQs
Can one adult bring more than one child? e.g siblings

Please feel free to bring other children under 5 who are in your family group/household group. We will require family groups to keep physically distanced from other family groups.

Can more than one adult attend with one child? e.g. 2 parents

Currently we are only able to allow one adult per child. This will allow us to manage numbers and allow as many families to take part as possible. As Covid related restrictions ease this will be reviewed. If you need an extra adult to attend in order to bring your little one, please contact us to dicuss your requirements.

How do children from birth up to 5 years enjoy a session together?

Wren’s music leaders are experienced at facilitating musical activities where people of any age can join in and participate. The sessions will include a range of activities as well as many different options for how to join in for young children at different stages of learning and development. For the very young, being stimulated by listening and watching along with a parent/carer is a wonderful way to participate, and for older children, there will be lots of opportunities to actively interact with each activity.

Can I bring my baby from birth?

Please feel free to bring your very young baby. From 3 months old they can handle the instruments/sound toys. If they are younger than that, they can listen and soak up all the sounds, but we advise they don’t make contact with the instruments/sound toys as they are not newborn approved.

What if my baby/toddler starts crying or gets upset during the session?

We understand that babies and toddlers can often be noisy and sometimes cry or get upset, so please don’t worry about this. We’ll do what we can to help you get your child settled and joining back in again and no one will mind.

What do I need to bring with me?

Other than a face covering to wear when you are arriving and leaving the session, there is no need to bring anything. You are welcome to bring any snacks or drinks that your child may need during the session.

Will you make me (the adult) sing along?

We won’t make anyone – adult or child – do anything they don’t want to do! We gently encourage adults to participate if they wish to, as this can often help children to engage with the session, but it’s up to you.

Can I take photos and videos at the session?

We ask parents/carers not to take photos or videos that could include any children other than their child. So we will have a separate space in the room where you can photograph your child playing an instrument/doing another activity if you wish, and we ask that photos/videos are only taken in this designated space. If you do take photos/videos and want to share them publicly, you can tag us on social media.

I have another question.

Contact us to ask us anything!