Get Rhythmical

22 May 2022
As we come to the end of Foster Care Fortnight we celebrate the fantastic work of foster carers all across the country.
‘Get Rhythmical’ is our after-school club for cared for children in Torbay.
Foster carers drop children off for an hour a week of playing around with music, fostering a safe community space.
Paul and Hannah from the Wren team bring folk songs and tunes, and the children bring suggestions of pop songs too, and everyone has fun together.
As well as learning existing songs and tunes members of the group also write new material. The song Good Dog Buster is about a loyal but scruffy dog who helps to scare away dangerous people, helping the song’s protagonist to know who they can and can’t trust.
Tracey from Torbay Virtual School said “The project is purely about having a good time with the music. I really feel that Paul and Hannah give the children a gift. Showing what’s possible with the instruments and with their voices.”
As well as the lead teachers, some other staff members of the virtual school team have started coming along.
Tracey added “We are not musicians! I’m always asking Paul ‘where do I put my fingers [on the fret board] for this one again?’ But it’s so important for the children to see adults learning side-by-side with them. They see the adults don’t always know what to do and that it’s ok to try again if you don’t get it right first time.”
The group are looking forward to hosting a ceilidh for the whole virtual school later in the summer term.
If you are interested in fostering you can find more information at