For the Record: in Spain

8 June 2022
A team of project managers and musicians visited Almeria (Spain) for the final training event of our Erasmus+ funded project ‘For The Record’. Learning about gathering life stories from different communities and creating new works of art.
We shared the details of our recent projects working in care homes in Okehampton (Kent House) and Cranbrook (The Court). And we enjoyed hearing about our partner’s projects: the elderly people’s photography project in Calais (France); the short films based on the life stories of people with disabilities in Almeria (Spain); the theatre project with elderly and young actors in Łódź (Poland); and the exploration of memories through everyday objects in Florence (Italy).
We were kindly hosted by the Spanish Guitar Museum in Almeria.
Thank you to all our wonderful project partners, and to the European Union for making projects like this possible.