Members of the Board of Wren Music are volunteers who serve as both Directors of the limited company and Trustees of the Charity.


The Board has ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of the charity, and ensuring that it is solvent, well-run, and delivering the charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public for which it has been set up.  The Board has ultimate responsibility and accountability for the management and operation of the company, whilst the day to day running is delegated to a professional staff team.


Board Members: 

Here is a summary of each of our Board members, in their own words ....

New Board Members / Trustees


Board members can serve a maximum of two three year terms, so this means we are always looking to add new and changing skills to the team.

If you feel you have something to offer as a Wren Music Director/Trustee, please email


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Jane Pyle – Company Secretary (since November 2018)

In my work life, I am a clinical pharmacist and manager at Torbay Hospital and am proud to have worked in the NHS since moving to Devon in 1988. I have particular interests in quality improvement, patient safety and healthcare education and have had the privilege to part of a partnership project between Torbay and Laikipia County in Kenya.

My roles as trustee and founder member of Ale and Cake have provided the opportunity for me to give something back to Wren after all that it has given me. Singing, baking, good company and seeing people learn and grow together are some of my favourite things and Wren offers the chance to combine them all at once, what could be better!

Alastair Bremner


Trev Munkenbeck

Trev Munkenbeck joined the board in October 2017 . He spent his early career in sales and marketing with a major pharmaceutical company before training as a psychological therapist and working for the NHS. Trev first made contact with Wren Music in 2007 in a community project involving song writing, singing and instruments. Since then, and following retirement from the NHS, he has been involved as a Wren volunteer, editing the newsletter, assisting with the Exeter Singing Roots Youth Choir, Baring-Gould Festival and Song School. Trev is a member of West Devon Folk Orchestra and Mensing, as well a solo performer and songwriter.


River King


Alexis Taylor

Alex has participated in Wren activities since 1995. Initially joining Exeter Voices in Common. As member of the Board in an earlier time of growth and change she is pleased to be a trustee again to support Wren through an important evolution which will free the Founders to focus on their creative interests. The skills Alex brings to the Board include an expertise in child and adult safeguarding.

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Alastair Bremner became a member of the Wren Board in 2017. He has 25 years experience as a GP based in Torrington, North Devon. He was a member of the shadow locality commissioning board which commissioned medical services for North Devon. He Retired from medicine in March 2017 and has been attending Rowden furniture making school with the intention of becoming a professional furniture maker.

He enjoys playing a five string viola in the French dance band "Truffetête" and may sometimes be spotted trying to play a wooden Irish flute..

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  Gareth Davies (Treasurer)

I have been a Board member and trustee since December 2017. I retired from full time employment in 2011, having been a government economist, a Partner in the consulting practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers and a Director of Competition Policy at Ofcom. I am currently a Panel Member with the Competition and Markets Authority. I have always loved folk music but only started singing in retirement. I am a member of the East Devon Folk Choir and MenSing, and my other interests include playing the guitar and woodworking.



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Hugh Sutherland (Trustee since March 2019)

My working life was devoted to the area of Finance. I worked for 20 years for an insurance company, where I qualified as an Actuary. I then moved to academic life, lecturing at several universities before going to work for the actuarial profession to help with their examinations. I had particular responsibility for the training we delivered in post-Communist countries as they moved to market economies, so I have worked throughout Eastern and Central Europe, Russia, China, the Far East and the Middle East.

I have been a keen sailor throughout my life, racing first in dinghies and then offshore in keelboats, culminating in a round-the-world race. I still keep in touch with the sea, helping out at the National Sailing Centre on Portland and as a Watchkeeper / Trainer for the National Coastwatch Institute.

I have been singing with the Wren East Devon Folk Choir for about five years as well as a local folk choir in Sidmouth, where I live. For a time I was a member of MenSing (but it always clashes with the rugby!). During the Sidmouth Festival I join in with many singing events, and have attended the BG Weekend and the Song School for the last couple of years. I am now doing quite a lot of solo a capella singing around the folk clubs in Exeter and East Devon. A lot of my songs relate to the sea!

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Syd Maddicott, Chairman  (Trustee since September 2018)

My professional life has covered a number of quite different jobs, including sales and marketing with Rank Xerox UK and Pitney Bowes Ireland, running my own business and management consultancy and most recently as an officer in the Diplomatic Service. My last position there was as British High Commissioner to Cameroon and Ambassador to three other countries in Central Africa.

Though I am not a Wren user I was aware of the organisation through friends who are. I love folk music and sing in clubs regularly. Until last year I had been a member of Devon’s Old Gaffers shanty crew for seven years. I took on the Chairmanship of the Board at Wren because I see Wren as performing a valuable service in promoting folk music in particular and strengthening communities in general. I hope to make a contribution as Wren goes through a major restructuring and recovery period which I very much hope will lead to growth and continued success for the organisation.   

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