“The project has been brilliant; it has made a massive difference and we’ve had great feedback. We’ve seen such a change in people because they can now take part in music, it is inclusive. It’s just wonderful, seeing their confidence grow. And it has also increased the confidence of staff, to know that they are able to help our clients to make music.”  Music Project Manager

“What Wren have brought to the project is their musical expertise. They have helped us to deliver a structured programme which has enabled people to develop skills, and this can often be difficult because of their cognitive abilities. Because of the professional training they are getting from Wren, Northam Lodge staff are able to deliver music sessions that are moving people forward  Northam Lodge Chief Executive

“The groups have been really vibrant, consistently well attended and with an enormous amount of energy. Because of Wren coming in, staff are then able to give lessons and clients are more keen to give it a go. This project fits in completely with an exciting, person-centred service. I’ve seen this energy, you can feel and hear it, and it’s made us think about how we deliver our services.”  Northam Lodge Chief Executive

“The best bit was seeing our boys turn into teachers!”  Staff member SEBD school

“A really fantastic lesson! They (the students) worked very well together and are showing confidence with chord changes and rhythm!”  Staff member Pupil Referral Unit



“It was a fantastic experience for the children, and I am sure not one they will forget in a hurry.”

“It was brilliant to be there in the Cathedral.  The kids from Southbrook couldn’t stop looking around in awe!”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so enthusiastic about anything so it has done her confidence an abundance of favours!”

“We all thoroughly enjoyed SATC and singing in the cathedral was a very special experience for our children - thank you for making it happen!”

Sing Around The Bay (Torbay Music Hub): “I just wanted to send a quick email to say a HUGE thank you for all of your support throughout the Sing Around the Bay project. The organisation and support for rehearsals was fantastic. You made such an impression on our Headteacher at the performance that she would love for you to come into school and sing with all of our children in the future so if your work commitments ever make that possible, do please get in touch as we would love for you to come in and work with the school!”  Primary School Music Co-ordinator

Plymouth Music Hub: “Getting Wren Music into the City has been one of the best investments we ever made”  Head of Plymouth Music Hub

“Thank you so much to the Wren Music team for a wonderful performance on Wednesday. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and we have had so much fantastic feedback from parents - An inspiring, goose-pimpling, thoroughly enjoyable experience. Thank you Wren Music! I really hope you’ll consider inviting us to take part in any future events that Wren music run because the organisation and support we have received this year from you guys has been astounding and we would love to work with you all again. Thank you once again for being such an inspiration and making something that could potentially be hard work so much fun”  Primary School lead contact for the project

“We had a brilliant session today. The song is fantastic! We have just had a fantastic rehearsal with TBGS and the children really love our song.”  Primary School Music Co-ordinator

“The (project) was a success due to the fact that Wren kept us well informed at each step of the way.  The backing tracks were a great bonus for practising back at school but Sarah’s visits were even better and we all learnt a lot about singing warm ups etc.”  Primary School Singing Leader

“Doing sea shanties, he absolutely loves the control of it, absolutely different boy.  He used to mess around, used to be a complete pain and now he’s front of centre and telling his friends to knock it off when they start to mess around, so one major success basically.”  Primary School Teacher

“The songs were of a very high quality”  Secondary Head of Music

“(I was) gratified how many came to the feedback session – lunchtime and in their own time”  Secondary Head of Music

“Guitarist Zoe has had a huge boost in confidence through this project and this will carry in to other areas of her life”  Secondary Head of Music

“A fantastic opportunity and offering for the students. They have benefitted muchly from working with an outsider” Secondary Head of Expressive Arts

“I was very pleased with the boys yesterday. Doing all the visits in one go worked very well and you could see them gain in confidence each time. Matt was fantastic with them” Secondary Head of Music

 “My best bit was watching them all come together and performing on the night.  It was clear that they really enjoyed themselves and the feedback from the parents was very positive too.”  KH St. Margaret’s Academy



“I love Rough Music because it is fun, open and relaxed it keeps me friends with my flute! I can come along and learn lots of new things not just the tunes but how to play by ear and even a bit of music theory thrown in. CheersE

“Making music together is fun, inspiring, and gives real feel good factor!  It is also challenging and difficult and moves us  out of our comfort zones.  Its great!” RG

“I always learn a lot from each Monday evenings session. Thank you for putting so much effort into encouraging all of us to play to the best of our ability, and for us to aim higher to increase our potential in music making! Kind regards” JJ

“I have been playing in the Folk Orchestra of North Devon (FOND) for a number of years, and it has become an important part of my music and social life I wouldn’t miss it for the world”  EH

“There is such a buzz making music with like minded folk, and hearing the arrangements come together”

“Wren provides brilliant teaching in both folk music and song. Having played in the orchestra we have now joined the Folk Choir and that is just as good!”

“As a recent retiree, Wren has proven a wonderful source of musical inspiration as well as bringing a whole bunch of new friends into my life. Fiddle, Folk and Mandolin orchestras, all courtesy of Wren. Thanks Wren, you’re doing a fantastic job!”  PC