Wren Music has long promoted the need for quality and quality assurance in all aspects of its work, from initial design, through implementation, to feedback and learning after the event.


Wren’s Quality Policy

  • Every project should exemplify the vision and mission of Wren Music.
  • Quality Assurance and associated evaluations are designed to support and enhance the work of the music; we are aiming for continual improvement. 
  • The processes must be owned by the artists who should determine the evaluative focus used for projects. 
  • Everyone involved in a project should be clear about how and when the project will be evaluated and what criteria are to be used.
  • Wren has an obligation of trust towards its artists; it values their contribution to the work of the Wren Music and respects their opinions. 
  • Discussion concerning the work of artists is open and to an agreed agenda. 
  • Evaluations always take the context of the project into account and refer to agreed aims.



Our Quality Dimensions

The Board has agreed the following quality dimensions: Participation; Access; Relevance; Resources; Outcomes; Progression.



Music Leader Code of Practice

The Music Education Code of Practice helps to ensure music practitioners provide high quality music making and learning experiences for the people they work with.

Wren Music Leaders are expected to:

  • Be well prepared and organised
  • Be safe and responsible
  • Have appropriate musical skills
  • Work well with people
  • Evaluate and reflect on work
  • Commit to professional development

The Music Leader Code of Practice is linked to the Wren Quality Framework.



Community Ensembles Code of Conduct


To join a Wren group there are no auditions and no requirement to read music.

We firmly believe that absolutely everybody can sing and play.

We provide a welcoming atmosphere in which new members can feel safe to try out their voices and express themselves.

By joining a Wren ensemble you are agreeing to the Code of Conduct.


Group members will:

  • Respect each other’s ability
  • Ask if they don’t understand anything
  • Share what they know
  • Be friendly and welcoming to new members
  • Feedback when requestedBe honest and non-confrontational


For more details on Wren’s Quality Policy and its Implementation, please contact us.