Musinc:  Developing a transnational quality framework and resource bank to use music within non-formal pedagogy to achieve social and musical inclusion to describe the job role 'community musician'

A project funded by the EU under the Erasmus+ Adult Education Training


Wren Music is the coordinator for this project, which features a partnership across five countries: Italy, Romania, Latvia, Hungary and UK.

The project aims to produce a ‘quality framework’ demonstrated as a website and on-line training course (Intellectual outputs) that is applicable across the partnership, and all this will be shared through a website, which can act as a resource for those wanting to improve their practice.

Each partner will document aspects of their work to demonstrate ‘best practice’ and case studies to populate the resulting website. There is some budget towards this preparation.


    Wren Music                     UK

    Euridea                          Italy

    Associatia BRAT ONEST       Romania

    Skanumaja                      Latvia

    Szubjektív Értékek Alapítany   Hungary


The project outputs are achieved through Learning/Teaching/Training activities which take place in each of the partner countries, and each one focuses on a theme.


    Italy           Working with old people                                                           November 16

    Romania        Community Choirs / ensembles                                                   April 17

    Latvia            Traditional dance and instrumental work                                         September 17

    Hungary         Working with excluded groups e.g. Roma                                        March 18

    UK               Working with mixed ability groups including adults with learning disabilities   June 18



The final website will be launched at a major conference in Exeter in June 2018. Watch for further details, followed by smaller conferences in each of the partner countries over the summer of 2018.


Keep watch for further details or go to:


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MusInc - 24th - 28th May 2018

The Wren led European project about musical inclusion comes to Okehampton from 24th to 28th May.  Choirs have had an invitation to a special event on Saturday 26th May, to be taught four songs from our partners (Latvia, Romania, Hungary and Italy).  If anyone would like an invitation to this event, please contact Marilyn direct on and she will bring you up to date on plans for the event.