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If you are making online purchases from Amazon, you can help Wren by linking to Amazon from the

Wren Music website.  Just click this button to link to Amazon and we will receive a small percentage

of the value of your purchases - and all with no cost to you!



The most direct way to help us meet the £10,000 target is to make a cash donation. You can donate directly to the Wren Ten Appeal either by post or online.

By Post:

    Send cheques* payable to Wren Music

    *please don’t send cash in the post

        Wren Ten Appeal

        Ebenezer Hall, North Street

        Okehampton, Devon

        EX20 1AR



    We have chosen to use because they will transfer 100% of the donation and the Gift Aid directly to Wren.



Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, you can also opt to include ‘gift aid’ which increases

the amount of money that Wren receives by an additional 25% thanks to Government support. 



Other Ways to Help

There are a number of other fundraising programmes or ways in which you might like to help Wren Music develop and thrive.

Just click on the links below for more information:


Easyfundraising – raising money through online shopping, and it doesn’t cost you a penny!

Wren Friends – a regular contribution brings the benefits of being a close friend

Legacy Giving – please think about Wren when you consider your Will

Volunteering – with a myriad of ways in which you can help


How Your Donation Will Be Used

Wren Music’s adult groups and the concerts/events (such as the Baring-Gould Festival) are run on a self-funding basis i.e. so that they at least cover their own costs. Your Donation will therefore go towards the cost of Wren Music’s work with children and disadvantaged adults, which can only be sustained on the basis of charitable contributions.  

There is an absolute imperative for Wren, as a charity, to run a sustainable fundraising programme. The recent years have seen a drastic reduction in support for Arts organisations due to the financial crisis and public funding bodies (the Arts Council and Local Authorities in particular) cutting back on the support they give. For Wren Music the position has been particularly hard – in 2010-11 income from public funding was £120,945 (a third of our then revenue); in 2015-16 that income was only £500.


So we have had to run very hard to stand still, and it is thanks to the growth in funded projects – and the dedicated efforts of our volunteers – that we are able to ‘balance the books’.

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Wren Ten Appeal

help with our special fundraising initiative for 2019